Video Games: Legends of Wrestling

Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Developer: Acclaim Entertainment
Platform: Playstation 2
Price: Approx. $49.00
Release Date: Available Now
Players: 1-2


Legends of Wrestling includes over 30 of the best wrestler's of all time including Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and George "The Animal" Steele. The 12 match types include Ladder, Scaffold, Barbed-Wire, Three and Four-Way Dances, Six and Eight-Man Elimination Bouts. Features include Create-A-Wrestler, Create-A-Stable, and Singles and Tag-Team career mode.

Our staff at The Warzone think this game is great. The large list of wrestlers in this game is remarkable as well as seeing names like Hulk Hogan and Rob Van Dam squaring off in the ring together. There was one part of the game that did disappoint us and that was the controls. Sure they have special combos that you can pull off with one button, but the controls are so unresponsive and slow that the game can get frustrating. The finishers are very easy to pull off [usually by using the R3 button from the right location] and the graphics are relatively good. Legends of Wrestling is a good buy if you are looking for great stars from the past and it is the game closest to inter-fed matches that we have seen so far.

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\ Gamespot [Received 5.3 Stars out of 10]
Legends of Wrestling is definitely a new direction for modern wrestling games in that it includes the classic wrestlers of the past and pits many of the greatest performers in wrestling history against each other as they vie for domination of their regional wrestling federation and compete for world championship gold. Fans of wrestling history and wrestling present will be pleased to find Hulk Hogan's leg drop and big boot, as well as Rob Van Dam's five-star frog splash and Van Daminator. While the idea of playing as these wrestling legends is an appealing one, Legends of Wrestling sadly doesn't follow through with an equally competent game.

Aside from the Hulkster and RVD, there is a huge cast of wrestling greats to choose from. This includes Bret Hart, Brian Pillman, Nikolai Volkoff, the Iron Sheik, Ted DiBiase, five of the Von Erichs, and many more, adding up to 42 in all. Every legend is rated in strength, toughness, charisma, mat skills, recovery, and speed. Each wrestler also has certain move specialties, which can vary from hard-core, to grappling, to cheating. Thus, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka will do more damage performing high-risk maneuvers, while the One Man Gang will dish out the most punishment while brawling. Each wrestler also has an onscreen indicator for health and their finisher.

These wrestlers compete using a grappling system whose core mechanic is known as the intermediate start position, or ISP. The basics of the ISP are simple. When two characters are locked in a grapple, the dominant player can then force his opponent into one of four other positions, such as belly to belly or his head between your legs. From this position, the desired technique can be applied or countered by the opponent. Countering requires proper timing using a meter similar to those used in golfing games. This meter is divided into green and red sections, the green section being larger if the move is easier to perform. The opponent can block a counter by stopping the meter prematurely within the green section, in a direct contest of reflexes. A similar meter is used to combine moves together. This way, some wrestlers can perform impressive transitions, like from a power bomb to a figure-four leg lock. Submission maneuvers are handled like in the wrestling games of old, in that both wrestlers begin a button-mashing contest to see how long the move stays locked. When the defender successfully breaks the hold, it can either be reversed or he will slide over to the ropes, causing the referee to break it up.

The finishing-move meter is charged by appealing to the audience or dealing out damage. Once the meter is full and flashing, your wrestler has about 15 seconds to pull off the maneuver, which requires proper positioning and a flick of the right analog stick. The grappling system is a lot deeper than the poorly written instruction manual implies--there are a variety of moves that can be accomplished when pushing an opponent around in a grapple. You can tie an opponent up in the ropes, place him in the tree of woe in a corner, and even perform a sunset flip when the opponent is entering the ring. At any time, your wrestler can also pull out a weapon from underneath the ring, such as a chair, kendo stick, or two-by-four. Every wrestler can use all the weapons, but certain weapons have special attack modes, like a triple trash-can hit, a double chair shot, or a Van Daminator.

Legends of Wrestling captures the grappling greats at the peak of their careers, and in order to best convey this, Acclaim has decided to use a heavily exaggerated, muscle-bound graphical style for the wrestlers. Their appearance is very much like that of thick plastic action figures, which, when combined with the generally mediocre animations, fails to impress. Fans of violence will find that blood flows freely in Legends of Wrestling, with wrestlers' foreheads bursting open and dripping frequently. As you travel to each of the 10 generic venues, you may notice how poorly done the crowds are. There are about a half-dozen polygonal models on each side of the ring, although the same models are used far too often, creating the appearance of an audience of clones. The poor frame rate, combined with the already slow pace of the game, can make any but the most excitable gamer feel bored. The television-broadcast-style presentation is for the most part reliant on rapidly shifting camera angles. At certain points the camera will zoom in on a move or spin around the ring distractingly. Most annoyingly of all, the camera will occasionally shift into a stop-motion Matrix-style camera. This effect has been overused, and it doesn't fit well in the context of this game. Chugging along while you play are a series of adequate, if unimpressive, in-house audio selections, which are made more disappointing considering the novel use of music in the introduction movie.


Unlock All Wrestlers: At the main menu quickly press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Triangle, Triangle, Square


Watch two of the wrestlers from the game brawl.
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Hulk Hogan goes to town on some poor wrestler.
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Two superstars in the game go at it.
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