Video Games: WCW vs. nWo Revenge

Publisher: THQ
Developer: THQ
Platform: Nintendo 64
Price: ???
Release Date: Available Now
Players: 1-4


Different Outfits During the Intro To change the introduction, modify the outfits of any characters then watch the introduction again. The wrestlers will be using the costumes you designed.

Drag Opponent The dragging controls are slightly changed over World Tour: to drag an opponent in Revenge, walk up to his head head and press and hold A, then press and hold the L button and move the directional pad.

Get Weapon While playing any match go out of the ring, move all the way to where the crowd is and press C-Up.

Grand Entrance To see Sting come down from the ceiling, go to battle royal, pick any number above 4 wrestlers (the higher the number, the better the chances), and pick anyone but Sting. Then, when you get someone out of the ring, and Sting enters, he will come down from the ceiling.

Nitro Arena Trick When fighting in the entrance way throw your opponent into the black door at the very end. He will disappear for several seconds and then will come running out like he just hit the ropes.

Play as Mortis Once you win the TV title you get to play as Kanyon (Mortis). Go to the Exhibition mode and select a one or two player match. Highlight Kanyon and press either C button.

Playable Managers Go to One-on-One Exhibition match and choose wrestlers that have managers. After play begins, press Z on the 3rd and 4th controlers and you will take control of the managers.

Secret Characters If you have a GameShark, enter the code 8107F07C 7F03 to unlock all secret characters including Wrath. If you don't have a GameShark, try these.

Curt Hennig - Win all nine rounds of the US Heavyweight competition to get Curt Hennig.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper - Get the World Heavyweight Belt to get Roddy Piper.

Kanyon (Mortis) - Get the Television title to get Kanyon (Mortis) in the WCW.

Billy Kidman - Get the Cruiserweight title to get Billy Kidman.

Meng and Barbarian - Get the Tag Team Belts to get Meng and Barbarian.

THQ Man - Highlight AKI man and press C-Down. THQ is similar to Black Ninja from WCW vs. NWO.

Steal Opponent's Special move After you get your spirit meter up to where it is flashing "Special" grapple your opponent(it can be either strong or weak) and hit A+B at the same time. You will then perform their Special Move.

Steal Opponent's Taunt To steal your opponents main taunt, rotate the analog joystick counter-clockwise. Ex. If you're playing Goldberg against Disco Inferno, and do this, Goldberg will begin to get funky and do a disco dance. Try this with everyone for different results.

Television Title Mode Win the Cruiserweight Belt to get TV Title Mode.

World Heavyweight Title Mode Win the US Heavyweight Belt to get World Heavyweight Mode.


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