Wrestling Almanac: WWF/WWE Facts

The Rock

His wife Dany is Vice President of Merrill Lynch financial services. The Rock is a skilled light tackle, and salt water fisherman. He was also the youngest WWF Heavyweight Champion and the youngest Intercontinental Champion in WWF History and is also the first African American to hold the WWF Title.


He has degrees in both English and Teaching. Kane was born in Madrid, Spain before moving to the United States at the age of 3.

Hulk Hogan

Two days before Wrestlemania 9, Hulk injured himself in a jet-ski accident. Two days later, when he wrestled at the event he had a nice shiner for the world to see.

Bart Gunn

Bart Gunn, of the former Smoking Gunns [with Billy Gunn], now wrestles as Mike Burton for All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Stephanie McMahon

When she's not in the ring being called a "slut" by millions of fans, Stephanie McMahon works for the WWF as a accountant executive at the WWF's New York Sales Office.

Honky Tonk Man

The Honky Tonk Man and Jerry Lawler are cousins. I always thought they looked similar.

Mark Henry

Before joining the WWF, he was sponsored by Titan Sports during the 1996 Olympics in which he competed in the sport of weight lifting but did not get a gold medal. His cousin is Pittsburgh Steeler Kevin Henry.

Eddie Guerrero

Eddie's father, Gori Guerrero, invented the camel clutch.


Joined the WWF after being cut from the NFL's Cleveland Browns.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Was trained by former WCW jobber, Chris Adams. Steve Austin likes to collect antiques.

Terri Runnels

Before working with the WWF, Terri Runnels was a hairstylist for Larry King Live. She is allergic to horses.

Dean Malenko

Dean Malenko is Jewish.

D'Lo Brown

D'Lo Brown is a certified accountant. Which is probably what he is doing now considering being out of the WWF for quite some time.

Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler was a 23-time USWA Champion.

Chris Benoit

Benoit was trained by Stu Hart. He received a WWF tryout in 1994 but he didn't impress management. Didn't take him long to get into the WWF, did it?


Tazz has personalized license plates that read, "Tap Out".

Andre The Giant

During one drinking session he drank a unbelievable 119 bottles of beer. Wow, makes my record of 32 look like nothing.

Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn dated the Chyna before she came to the WWF.

Val Venis

Val Venis used to race motocross before he got his break in the WWF.

Shawn Michaels

Michaels was attacked outside a nightclub in 1995 by a marine group while out with fellow wrestlers The British Bulldog and X-Pac. Shawn Michaels has also held the most WWF gold [3 WWF World Titles, 3 Intercontinental Title Reigns, 3 Tag Team Championships, and 1 European Championship Belts]. Michaels inherited a fortune when a fan of his wrote him into his will.

The Big Show

He was treated for the disease acromegaly (gigantism) in 1993 at the age of 21. It was after the treatment he began to gain weight. Before he was 7ft and 230pounds with a 36 inch waist. After treatment his waist was 55inches and his weight 550pounds.When he wrestled in OVW his finisher was a moonsault.

Edge and Christian

Edge and Christian have been extremely good friends since high school. They even went to the same wrestling school.


He made his wrestling debut before Molly Holly, Essa Rios, Jeff Hardy and Stephanie McMahon were even born. Rhyno and Trish Stratus were only 1.

Hardcore Holly

Hardcore Holly was a full-time welder before joining the WWF in 1993.

Kurt Angle

His wife is a former stripper. He had his first WWF match in 1998 against Christian at a house show.


She got the tattoo on her left arm in Amsterdam in 1995.

Molly Holly

Her first televised wwf match was a title match against Jackie on a 1998 episode of Sunday night heat.Her name then was Starla Saxton.

The Fabulous Moolah

The longest title reign in wwf history belongs to the Fabulous Moolah whose reign as first women's champion lasted from September1956 to July 1984.


He was a announcer and manager of the Quebecers in the WWF in 1993/94 going by the name Johnny Polo. He was trained by Jake "The Snake" roberts. One of his legs is shorter than the other the reason for this is because he was injured in a wrestling match and the leg is shorter because of surgery. He wares a special pair of shoes for this reason if you look closely you can tell one of the shoes sole is taller than the other.

Steve Blackman

He contracted a case of malaria (while in Africa) so bad, that he had to quit wrestling for a while.

The Godfather

He used to run strip clubs in Las Vegas before getting involved in wrestling. It was his real life friend Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) who got him the job in the WWF.

The British Bulldog

Paid the WWF $100,000 to get out of his contract to leave for ECW. My question is, "Why?"

Ahmed Johnson

Ahmed played for the Dallas Cowboys before joining the WWF.

Savio Vega

Savio owns his own federation called the WWA which is based in Puerto Rico.

Booker T

Booker was the first African American to become WCW Television Champion in 1997.


Test was trained by the great Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Test only had 15 pro matches when he made his 1998 WWF debut. Test is a former bodyguard for the band Motley Crue.

Tallest Ladder Ever Used

The tallest ladder used in a ladder match was 25 feet tall. It was used in a match with Al Snow and Sabu for the NWA independent title.

"Road Dogg" Jesse James

The Road Dogg was a highly decorated solider in Desert Storm.


While in WCW, Vader was called Big Van Vader because he drove a big van to the WCW events. Vader also knows how to play the piano.

Sgt. Slaughter

Sgt. Slaughter's character was portrayed on the cartoon G.I. Joe.

Abdullah The Butcher

Owns Abdullah The Butcher's House of Ribs restaurant in the United States.

Spike Dudley

Spike Dudley was a school teacher from Rhode Island before getting into wrestling.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

Duggan got the idea to carry a 2 by 4 to the ring from the movie "Walking Tall".

Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett was a pro wrestling referee before he became a wrestler.

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash's first wrestling character was known as OZ. Shortly after, he wrestled as Vinnie Vegas before becoming Diesel in the WWF. Kevin Nash was a doorman/bouncer at a Michigan nightclub before entering the wrestling business.


Albert played offensive tackle at the university of Pittsburgh, from 1990-1994.He majored in Legal Studies.

Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler was once a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens.

Shawn Stasiak

Shawn Stasiak graduated from Boise State with a degree in communications.


Ivory majored in journalism at the university of Southern California.


Jacqueline has a black belt in Tai-Kwon-Do.

Miscellaneous Facts

A Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt is sold every 45 seconds around the world.

The Hart brothers invented the Ladder Match gimmick back in the early 1980's.

Sting was the first official WCW Heavyweight Champion.

The shortest match in World Wrestling Federation history was Bob Backlund vs. Diesel for the WWF Heavyweight Title. The match lasted seven seconds long.

Wrestlemania VII was moved from the Rose Bowl to the Sports Arena in Los Angeles because Vince McMahon feared a sniper might try and take out lead heel Sgt.Slaughter, playing the role of a Iraqi sympathizer during the Gulf War.

Andre the Giant's last Wrestlemania match was at no 6 where he teamed with Haku to lose the WWF Tag titles to Demolition.

Vince McMahon was Shane McMahon's best man for his son's 1996 marriage.

In 1968, Vince McMahon graduated from East Carolina State University with a degree in Business Administration.

WWFE CEO Linda McMahon worked as a paralegal at Washington, DC law firm.

The Maryland State Athletic Commission banned Balls Mahoney for life.

Andre the Giant was the first wrestler inducted into the WWF's Hall of Fame in 1993.

Sho Funaki of Kai En Tai is a Shawn Michaels mark. He moved to San Antonio,Texas just to live in the same town as HBK.

In the Summer of 1995,Kurt Angle failed in a tryout to make the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin worked on a loading dock prior to entering wrestling.

WCW paid Ric Flair $75,000 to give back the WCW title after he had departed to the WWF in 1991.

Hulk Hogan earned $1.8 million for his match against Randy Savage at Wrestlemania V.

Demolition AX is a former school teacher.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper was Ric Flair's best man.


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