Extras: Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro Plug-ins

These plug-ins are 100% legal.

Eye Candy Upgrade - Upgrades 3.0 to current 3.1

Four Seasons - Many plug-ins

Blade Pro - Good plug-in for adding texture and depth

Border Mania - Good border program

Almanthera - Many plug-ins includes Spider Web

Axion - Lens Flare & Glow

Xenofex - Great plug-in with some very cool effects

Lens Flare - Another Lens Flare

DSB Flux - More great plug-ins

DC Special - Cool effects on pre-made images

Greg's Factory Output I - Tons of plug-ins

Greg's Factory Output II - More great plug-ins

Kai's Power Tools 3 - Great plug-in for warping your images


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