Extras: Free CGI Scripts

If your starting up your own website or you already have one you will need some CGI Scripts. CGI Scripts help your website performs functions you cannot usually perform with standard HTML. In this section you will find totally free CGI scripts for setting up newsboards, forums, free-for-all links, web counters, click trackers, and much more.

Add Link 1.1 - A very cool free-for-all-link script that is very easy to set-up.

Auto Rank 2.1.0 - A fully customizable top sites script. A lot of configuration required but well worth it. Recommended for people more advanced in CGI.

Click Tracker 1.2 - Another great script for tracking affiliate clicks and refers from other sites. Graphs and stats are all part of the administrator panel.

EasySearch 1.2 - A great search script that is very easy to set-up and configure. Very customizable.

FormMail 1.6 - The most common used form-to-email script on the internet.

Guestbook 2.3.1 - Nicely done guestbook that is easy to customize and intergrade with your site.

NewsPro 3.04 - More advanced newsboard script with features like archiving, headline search, cookie-based login, along with other nice features.

Poll It 2.0 - Great script for polling your visitors. Features include IP tracking, administrator control panel, and SSI intergration.

PSNews 2.4b - Excellent script for posting news on a site. Create your own templates for each post and set up multiple posting accounts. We highly recommend this script and you can see it in action on our site!

Random Link 1.0 - Display a random link to another website that changes each time the page is loaded. Easy to configure and kind of fun...

WWWBoard 2.0 - A very simple message board/forum script that is relatively easy to set up.


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