Extras: Web Hosting Shitlist

If you plan on starting up your own website one day this page will be very helpful to you. This page contains a list of "shitty" web hosting companies that don't live up to their promises and guarantees. This list is written only by us at The Warzone based on our personal experiences only. If your company is on this list and you think it shouldn't be when don't you send me an email and we'll talk about it.

Millennium Web-Hosting - This was TheWarzone.cc's original hosting company. They started out with great technical support, but things seemed to get worse each day. One day I came online and seen that The Warzone was down, so I emailed technical support and they replied telling me that I had went over my disk and bandwidth limit (which was bullshit because I had not done any updates in the previous days right before that). It just didn't make sense that I had run out of bandwidth since when I first signed up for a hosting account I had came with UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH. Anyhow, The Warzone ended up being suspended for the rest of the month of May (about 20 days) and 4 days after The Warzone was back up again some glitch with their server took down all of their hosting accounts, including The Warzone. I was never given the chance to try to recover anything or restore some of my backups, but yet the owner's website (WrestleMagazine.com) looked like it was untouched by the huge crash. No reimbursement was offered for what had happened, or at least until I told them I wanted a refund for the month. I ended up with nothing left of The Warzone and a check for $12.99 in my hand. Thank god they are already going out of business because of what happened because if they weren't I would blast them all over the 'net.

Hi-Speed Technologies (US.Net) - When TheWarzone.com first started this was our host. They were one of the best hosts I have ever seen, or at least until they merged with a company called US.Net. This company currently hosts the multimedia portion of The Warzone. It took them months (literally) to just set-up our account, but they started ignoring support emails from us, and we pretty much were on our own. Our multimedia stopped working as of recently and I emailed them for help. They finally replied and said that they had assigned new IP addresses, so I then asked them for my new IP but they danced around the subject and came to the conclusion that there was a DNS error. I continued to ask them for my new IP address with no straight answer returned to me. They said they are fixing the DNS issue, but that was somewhere around a month ago.

Irana - These guys are absolutely horrible. I originally got an account with these guys when I was restarting The Warzone, but I soon learned what they were about. I ran my account for a good month with them but when I encountered a problem, I emailed tech support and NEVER received a reply. What a shitty way to run a hosting company, you people suck ass.

TIPS: When you are getting a new web host I recommend NOT making a long term commitment right away. Sign up to pay monthly so if you find out your host isn't all it's cracked up to be, you can just cancel your next month's payment.


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